Microstop has evolved into a trusted and reliable partner for organizations seeking comprehensive IT solutions.

Custom Software Development

  • At MicroStop Infotech, we understand the importance of meeting specific online needs and requirements.

  • Our custom software development services are designed to bring your unique ideas into practice.

  • We offer modification and customization of established software solutions, as well as the development of new software solutions from scratch.

  • Our expertise spans various industries, including e-commerce, catering to both businesses and customers efficiently and with maximum effectiveness.


Custom Database Development

  • Our team excels in custom database development, ensuring that your data is stored, managed, and processed efficiently.

  • We tailor the database to your business requirements, providing seamless integration with your software applications.

  • With our expertise, you can rely on a robust and scalable database solution.

Desktop and Distributed Application Design

  • MicroStop Infotech specializes in designing user-friendly, robust, and scalable desktop and distributed applications.

  • We leverage our experience to create applications that meet your unique business needs.

  • Our focus is on delivering efficient and reliable applications that enhance productivity and provide a seamless user experience.


Custom Software Components and Web-Project Programming

  • We offer the development of custom software components that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems or used as standalone modules.

  • These components enhance the functionality and efficiency of your software applications.

  • Additionally, our skilled developers excel in web-project programming, creating dynamic and interactive web applications tailored to your requirements.

Client-Centric Approach

  • MicroStop Infotech takes each stage of the software development process seriously.

  • Our primary goal is to meet customer needs and requirements as quickly as possible.

  • Our responsive feedback standard ensures that we answer any client question or request within 24 hours. We also provide regular progress reports, including daily, weekly, and monthly updates on the development status of your project.


Quality Assurance and Testing

  • We prioritize quality and consider the testing stage of the product to be crucial in the development process.

  • Our team strives to identify and eliminate any errors or issues before the product release milestone. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality software solutions that meet your expectations.

Hardware Sales and Services

  • In addition to software development, MicroStop Infotech has over 22 years of experience in hardware sales and services.

  • We offer a wide range of servers, PCs, laptops, and peripherals from trusted partners such as Dell, IBM, Lenovo, and HP. Our hardware services also cover printers, scanners, CCTV cameras, and multi-function devices from renowned brands like Samsung, HP, Canon, and Epson.


Networking and Communication Solutions

  • MicroStop Infotech specializes in networking and communication products, serving as a partner for D-Link and WeP.

  • We offer a comprehensive range of networking solutions to meet your organization's connectivity needs.

Authorized Partnerships for Software Products

  • As an authorized partner, we provide software products from leading companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Norton, and Quick Heal.

  • You can rely on us to provide genuine and reliable software solutions.


MicroStop Infotech is committed to providing comprehensive IT solutions, including custom software development, hardware sales and services, networking solutions, and authorized software partnerships. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, quality assurance, and expertise across various sectors such as ERP, banking, and the financial industry.